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National Conference 2007

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Emirates Stadium, London, 28th March 2007

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The conference is supported by Blackbaud.

Blackbaud is the leading global provider of software and related services designed specifically for nonprofit organisations. More than 15,000 organisations use Blackbaud products and consulting services for fundraising, financial management, business intelligence, web site management, school administration, and ticketing.

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This event took place on 28th March 2007.  Presentations that were used are available below along with  audio snippets of the speakers.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is not just a term for those who work in IT departments. Everyone uses ICT in all aspects of a typical working day from sending emails, finding information on the internet, managing contacts and making telephone calls.

If used correctly or more efficiently, ICT can help to save money, time and resources and ultimately the efficiency of your organisation, large or small.

This one day conference recognises that your skills and knowledge vary but no matter what your experience is, it will:

  • Encourage you to think about the bigger picture
  • Provide useful tips and suggestions
  • Signpost where to get help
  • Look at ways you fund and manage your ICT budget
  • Encourage you to meet other people and share experiences
  • May even help you generate income!

This conference is for small and medium sized organisations that deliver services directly to people but need some encouragement and guidance in their use of technology. Workshops are designed for differing levels of knowledge of ICT and suitable for voluntary organisations at all stages.


09:30  Registration, tea and coffee

10:00  Welcome and Introduction to the Day
Sian Basker, Chair, ICT Hub Advisory Group

10:15  Why is ICT Important?
Martin Jervis, Managing Director, Blackbaud

10:30  Workshop One

11:30  Tea and coffee break

12:00  Workshop Two

13:00  Lunch

14:00  Energiser Session

14:15  Is the voluntary sector ready to join the new participatory culture?
David Wilcox
David looks at why we need to be more active using social media with useful tips and suggestions.

14:45  Workshop Three

15:45  Q&A / Closing Remarks / ICT Hub Resources
Sian Basker, Chair, ICT Hub Advisory Group
Nicola Thompson, Head of ICT Hub

16:30  Close of Conference

Drinks Reception (Optional)

17:30  ICT Hub Awards

18:30  Close of Awards

Workshops are designed for differing levels of knowledge of ICT and suitable for voluntary organisations at all stages.


Engaging Your Audience – Your Charity Space
Media Trust
Community Channel’s YourCharitySpace is a social networking resource aimed specifically at charities and individuals wanting to communicate, fundraise and campaign about charities and causes they support and feel passionate about. They share their experiences to give you ideas how you can generate interest for your organisation.

Sharing Ideas Across the Regions
Paul Webster, NAVCA

This ‘speed networking’ session will introduce you to people in other regions so you can share experiences and ideas. Don’t forget your business cards.

Fundraising Through the Internet
Adam Clamp, SCIP Hastings and Megan Griffith, NCVO

The internet holds a wealth of information which can help your fundraising. This session will give you some practical tips which could help you raise the funds you need and boost your sustainability

Some Knowledge

Communicating Using ICT
Paul Caplan, Media Trust

How can you attract, inspire and involve new audiences in your work using ICT? In this session you will hear about tried and tested ways as well as about some of the more innovative ways the sector is communicating using ICT.

Managing Your ICT Support
Paul Ruskin, CIAC

Practical tips to consider when working with suppliers, consultants and Circuit Riders and ideas about purchasing shared technical support and services.

Make the Most of Your ICT Budget
Matthew Edmondson, National Computing Centre
Practical suggestions on how you can save money on ICT such as making calls over the internet, open source software and sharing resources.

No or Limited Knowledge

Things to Think About
Simon Davey
First steps to identify and plan what your organisation needs.

Where to Get Help
Anne Stafford, iT4C and Marcus Otite, Superhighways
We identify free or low cost sources of support to enable your organisation to put its ideas into practice or solve common problems.

How to Cost and Fund ICT
Esther Gillespie, NCVO
This session is for those who are new to thinking about planning and costing their ICT. It also signposts to where and how to source funding for ICT.