A selection of useful and informative publications on ICT for voluntary and community organisations.

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ICT Foresight: How ICT is Shaping the Future Design and Delivery of Public Services

Drawing on case-studies and debate from ICT experts, this report looks at emerging trends in the ways organisations are run and public services delivered through the innovative use of new technology. It includes the role of digital TV and video to provide remote support; open exchange for partners and stakeholders to collaborate effectively online, greater accessibility to information and the use of call centres and online self-help tools.   



From Nightmare to Nirvana - an ICT Survival Guide for Trustees

What has ICT got to do with Governance?  Why should trustees be interested in ICT?  This guide is not to improve your technical understanding; but will help your trustees understand the role of ICT and the importance of strategic planning to reduce the cost and risk implications, and to make a difference to your organisational effectiveness and your impact on beneficiaries.  



ICT Foresight: Charitable Giving and Fundraising in a Digital World

Alongside exploring the tools available for electronic giving, such as websites and mobile phones; this report looks at the impact of technology on traditional marketing methods; and how to adapt to a cultural change in managing donors to ensure these tools are used effectively.  




ICT Foresight: Consultation and Campaigning in the Age of Participatory Media

This report, based on a survey of almost 300 senior managers in the voluntary and community sector;  maps out emerging trends in relation to the critical 'voice' and representation roles of the sector. 




ICT Foresight: How Online Communities can make the Net Work for the Voluntary & Community Sector


 This report examines the impact of the internet on the growing trend for individuals and organisations to come together through online social networking, forums, blogs, wikis and other new technology. 



A Guide to Managing ICT in the Voluntary and Community Sector

This in-depth guide covers all aspects of managing information and communications technology. It contains over 100 pages of accessible information that is useful for anyone whatever your level of technical knowledge. This publication has been supported by ESiT.



new_media_case_studiesNew Media Case Studies

The Media Trust have produced a booklet highlighting 10 VCOs of all shapes and sizes who have used new media to communicate with their audience.





  How to Cost and Fund ICT

This booklet will help you identify and budget for total cost of ownership of ICT, an invaluable resource when funding your ICT.  This guide has been sponsored by Datek Solutions




ict_accessibility_freeEasy Free and Quick ICT Accessibility Pack

This booklet and CD explains why accessibility is vital to your work, clarifies your legal obligation, and tells you how easy it is to make simple practical improvements to your accessibility. The CD helps you put into practice simple improvements and has a wealth of case studies. Most of the ideas in this booklet are free or cost less than £100.



accessible_websitesWeb Accessibility Pack for Voluntary and Community Organisations (booklet and CD)

This booklet and CD is a practical introduction to web accessibility. It will give you the knowledge to make your site accessible at no or little additional cost. The pack explains what web accessibility is, the benefits and what the law says, as well as giving guidance for web managers/ commissioners, editors, designers and developers.



collaborative_working_toolsICT Tools to Support Collaborative Working

ICT has great potential for enabling collaboration, especially for projects which involve multiple partners over large geographical distances. This information identifies what works and what doesn’t, and is illustrated with case studies.





effctive_use_of_ictCollaborative Working to Make More Effective Use of ICT

It can be a challenge to identify and realise the potential of ICT because of the difficulty in resourcing and finding the support needed. This information explores how you could collaborate with others to support your ICT.





ict_signposting_guideICT Signposting Guide for Small Voluntary and Community Organisations

This is a signposting guide for small voluntary and community to help get better use out of their ICT and to support its effective management.




Making More Impact With Your Funds, briefing for funders booklet

This briefing for funders booklet is designed to inform funders about both the importance of ICT and funding the total cost of ownership





circuit_rider_guideCircuit Rider 2.0 Guide

The circuit rider guide aims to answer all of your circuit rider questions such as:

  • What is a circuit rider?
  • What do circuit riders do?
  • How do circuit projects work?
  • How do circuit riders benefit the voluntary and community sector?



Open source guides

Voice Over IP (VOIP) Introductory Guide for the Voluntary Sector

This guide tells you how you can use Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to make telephone calls over the internet.

Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) Practice Guide

LTSP is open source software that allows low specification computers to conect to a central server. Take a look at the LTSP Practice guide to find out more and discover if it could be of benefit to your organisation.

An Overview of Samba Serving for Windows

Samba is an open source server, with many of the same features as Windows. This guide gives you detailed information about Samba and how to implement it in your organisation.

Choosing and Using a Content Management System (CMS) Guidance for Managers in the Third Sector

This guide helps you find an open source CMS to manage the information on your website.


Future Focus 3: How will we use new technologies in five years' time?

New from the Performance Hub, this guide looks at how ICT is impacting on the voluntary and community sector and suggests ways for your organisation to make strategic choices and plan ahead.



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