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Recent newsletters


  • July   The hands on issue
  • June  The social Media issue
  • May  The telephony issue: plain speaking and using the telephone!
  • April  General round-up and news from the ICT Hub
  • March  The governance issue: find out why ICT governance is important and what you and your organisation can do better. 
  • February  The training issue: what difference can training make to you and your organisation? 
  • January  There was no newsletter in January


  • December  How technology can help you fundraise through social networks
  • November   Exploring what ICT can do and not do to help rural groups, BME organisations and older people; and some ideas for tools to support dispersed communities.
  • October   The wireless issue 
  • September   A look at good ICT management and online security.
  • August  There was no newsletter in August
  • July   Technology in the voluntary sector - how to assess your needs
  • June   Free ICT support - including software and professional volunteers
  • May   Telephony
  • April   How to Cost and Fund technology projects - features case study on the Samaritans and use of e-mail
  • March   e-Campaigning, Linux and voice recognition - features case study on using online tools 
  • February   IT for small community organisations, social media in action and report from the Circuit riders conference.
  • January   Where to find help and how to improve your use of technology 

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