Explore findings from research projects into the ICT needs of the voluntary and community sector, produced or supported by the ICT Hub.

Our research looks into the take up of, and attitudes to, ICT as well as research into the funding needs of the sector.

We are always interested in any research into ICT in the voluntary and community sector, please contact us to submit your own research findings.

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ICT Hub final project report - independent evaluation (April 2008)

This independent evaluation was commissioned by the ICT Hub at the start of the 2 1/2 year project and evaluates the effectiveness of the programme as a whole.

Shared systems research (March 2008)

The ICT Hub has commissioned a piece of research looking at "shared systems" being developed and used within the voluntary and community sector.  The report looks at specific examples of shared systems being used around the country, their route to inception and key learning from the organisations involved.

In this report shared systems have been defined as pieces of hardware or software, developed and used by more than one voluntary and community organisation, for the same purpose or purposes and mutual benefit.

Corporate Product Needs of the Sector (March 2008)

This authoritative independent research document has been commissioned by the ICT Hub to study software options for the voluntary and community sectors.

Specialist Infrastructure Development Project (March 2008)

These commissioned projects worked with 6 national specialist infrastructure agencies to further improve the reach of ICT Hub materials nationally.

New Media Development Project (March 2008)

This project resulted in the development of a series of case studies illustrating the effective use of new media technologies in the sector.

Telephony Development Project (March 2008)

This project resulted in the development of a series of resources aimed at a variety of audiences when considering telephony solutions.

Open Source Development Project (March 2008)

This project resulted in the development of an introduction to Open Source solutions.

Sources of Funders Research (Jan 2007, updated March 2008)

This research has sourced and increased our original list of funders that fund ICT.  It also includes some useful appendices, including a spreadsheet of the full list of funders, a more in-depth background about these funders and a funding checklist.

Please note that in updating this research, the original funders have not been re-checked, just added to.  It is always advisable to thoroughly check individual guidance from funders before making an application.

The inclusion of funders in this research does not guarantee that they will fund your ICT project or initiative.

The appendices that compliment the report are useful documents for any organisation keen to start sourcing possible ICT funders.

ICT Hub Baseline Research (2007)

This authoritative independent research document has been commissioned by the ICT Hub to study all aspects of information and communications technology in the voluntary and community sectors.

It covers ICT policy and strategy, accessibility and training and well as conducting an in-depth study of technologies and technical support available. This is essential reading for anyone with an interest in ICT in the voluntary and community sector.

Research conference abstract

In this paper Paul Ticher examines the use of information and communication technology in the Voluntary and community sectors

Sustainable Technical Support Research, GMCVO (January 2007)

An investigation into sustainable technical support projects in England and possible sources of funders, carried out by Pauline Baker at GMCVO.

Supporting information:

Circuit Rider Project Evaluation (March 2007)

A report studying the  Lasa Circuit Rider Project, which was set up in May 2005 to support a number of voluntary and community sector organisations to build their ICT capacity.  Research conducted by David Garner of ADP Consultancy.

ICT support to voluntary and community groups by London Councils for Voluntary Service (2006)

Evaluation of the London ChangeUp ICT Project. This report provides an overview of the ICT support provided by the seven Central London Councils for Voluntary Service by the Central London CVSs as part of the London ChangeUp ICT Project. Prepared by Clare Cowen, ICT Development Worker
Central London ChangeUp ICT Project.

Circuit Riders 2.0 (December 2006)

This paper covers the evolution of ICT development and support for the voluntary sector. It explains how cicuit riders operate and how to set up and fund a project.  Written by Simon Pavitt and Sarah Lord-Soares, published by LASA

Exploring ICT for Collaboration in the voluntary and community sector (November 2006)

A report that studies the potential of using ICT tools such as blogs, wikis, shared databases, forums and extranets for collaboration in the voluntary and community sector.  Research conducted by Paul Henderson of RuralNet

Results of survey of volunteering effort (November 2006)

This report summarises the results of a survey of volunteers, volunteering through iT4Communities, conducted by Glenn Williams, an independent consultant with substantial voluntary sector experience.

Online technology for social change from struggle to strategy (September 2006)

A research project examining the use of technology in campaigning to effect change and the challenges it presents in organising to promote social change. Published by dotOrganize.

ICT Hub / Telephone Helplines Association "Making Connections" (June 2006)

The Telephone Helplines Association were commissioned, under the Unmet Need Fund, to carry out some research into the understanding and take up of telephony in the voluntary and community sector.  Read the Making Connections report to read more about their findings. 

ICT Hub / National Computing Centre (NCC) "Sampling Survey of Free & Open Source Software (FOSS)" (Summer 2006)

This report is as a result of survey work commissioned by the National Computing Centre (NCC) to inform and guide the future work of the Open Source project within the ICT Hub.  The insights gained from the survey were complemented by separate work undertaken to define Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) training content needs and some of the feedback from that work is included in the report.     

Use of ICT in Lambeth Voluntary and Community Organisations (May 2006)

Report on the findings of an ICT survey of Lambeth voluntary and community organisations. Research conducted by The Community Technology Project.

ICT Hub / WCIT Funding Research (2006)

In Feb 2006 the Information Technologists' Livery Company and the ICT Hub undertook a survey of voluntary and community sector organisations to gain a fuller understanding of the sector's experience of seeking funding for ICT. Essential reading if you would like to find out more about funding and ICT.

Charity Finance IT survey (2005 and 2006)

Provides invaluable comparative data on IT budgets and budget allocations, staffing levels, software packages, outsourcing issues, governance concerns and security.

ICT Hub’s State of the eNation report (2006)

Analysis of the accessibility of charity websites.

ICT Hub Accessibility Research (2006)

Invaluable reading if you are concerned about accessibility and want to know what is happening in the sector.

IT Infrastructure in the Voluntary and Community Sector (2005/2006)

A report of survey findings in to the use of ICT in the voluntary and community sector. Research by Paul Secular and Lucie Harris of YouthNet and Dr Simon Davey of

Virtual Promise, The power of the internet for charities (2005)

In-depth surveys into charities' use of the internet and new technology. Reseach conducted by NfP Synergy.

The Social Enterprise Potential for Superhighways (2005)

A study exploring the the viability of adopting a more formal social enterprise model of operation for an existing ICT project, namely, Superhighways.  Research conducted by Hilary Chisnall of CRE8ive.

ICT Hub Baseline Line Research (2004)

Essential reading for anyone who wants to find out more about the take of up and attitudes to ICT in the voluntary and community sector.

How charities use the Internet (2004)

A report on how charities used the Internet between the years 200 and 2004. Published by NfP Synergy.

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