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There is some discussion as to what RSS stands for, but most people plump for 'Really Simple Syndication'. RSS is a source of simple technology that allows you to keep up to date with all the new information added to websites of your choice without you having to visit this website every 5 minutes, or every day.

So for example if you tend to log onto the BBC news website, RSS sends you a feed which is a list of the most recently updated news headlines. You can then click onto the headline of your choice. So basically the news feeds allow you to see when websites have added new information. You can have as many different types of feeds kept in the same place for ease of access.

Why use RSS?

  • Saves time
  • Sends information to you rather than you having to find the information
  • Cuts down on reading time
  • Keeps you up to date

You can get the latest headlines and video in one place, as soon as it is published, without having to go to the websites that send the information.

Bloglines a free online service with a library of ready to use feeds

If you need help and advice with using RSS or want to know more about it contact the ICT Hub HelpDesk 0800 652 4737

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