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Funding ICT

Research carried out by the ICT Hub highlighted that many voluntary and community organisations do not plan or budget for ICT.

Deciding how best to invest in ICT can sometimes be confusing and difficult and as a result many VCOs end up making their ICT decisions based solely on the cost of the hardware (equipment such as computers, printer) or software (e.g. word-processing programmes or finance packages) at the expense of a more strategic, mission-based approach.

Similarly many funders are often unaware of the hidden costs of ICT ownership including staff training, maintenance, licence agreements etc.

NCVO's ICT Development Services team are working to address both of these areas and there are a number of resources available to help you understand how to go about costing your ICT.

How to cost and fund ICT guide

This guide was developed by the ICT Hub to help VCOs identify and budget for total cost of ownership of ICT.  To find out how to get hold of your copy, go to the publications section of the website.