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Press Releases

11 March 2008 - ICT Hub Awards 2008 winners announced (download 2008 award winners press release Word 44 KB)

26 February 2007 - Advertise your IT jobs for free on new ICT Hub Jobs Board (download job board release Word 45.5 KB)

08 February 2007 - Second ICT Hub National Conference for the Voluntary Sector to improve use and knowledge of ICT (download conference release Word 47.5 KB)

08 February 2007 - Charities should work collaboratively to improve their ICT potential (download collaboration release Word 56 KB)

05 December 2006 - First National ICT suppliers directory to connect the voluntary sector with technology specialists (download Suppliers Directory press release Word 52.5 KB)

28 November 2006 - York hosts free ICT event for charities (download Yorkshire and Humber Conference press release Word 63.5 KB)

18 October 2006 - NGOs exploit ICT to lobby for change (download foresight research press release Word 37 KB)

06 October 2006 - ICT Hub logos on in Cambridge (download East press release Word 52 KB)

27 September 2006 - ICT Hub launches 2006 IT Volunteer Awards (download awards press release Word 57 KB)

26 September 2006 - ICT Hub logs on in Chesterfield (download East Mids Regional Conference press release Word 48 KB)

18 August 2006 - ICT Hub set to run 24 training events this Autumn (download events press release Word 48 KB)

27 July 2006 - New Study highlights Charities' urgent need for IT funding (download study press release Word 45 KB)

07 July 2006 - ICT Hub logs on in Reading (download SE Regional Conference press release Word 44 KB)

05 July 2006 - ICT Hub Unmet Need Fund of £70,000 open to proposals (download unmet need fund press release Word 37 KB)

28 June 2006 - Voluntary and community organisations encouraged to get 'cyber savvy' with new website (download new website press release Word 46 KB)

30 May 2006 - Know your blogs from your wikis? Free UK courses for charities in 2006/7 (download Media Trust courses press release Word 29 KB)

16 May 2006 - ICT Hub launches new bursary scheme for front line organisations (download bursary scheme press release Word 34 KB)

06 April 2006 - New Hubs HelpDesk to answer sector’s burning questions (download HelpDesk press release Word 37 KB)

01 March 2006 - ICT Hub logs on in Newcastle  (download North East regional conference press release Word 42 KB)

08 February 2006 - National Hubs Conference to showcase work so far (download National Hubs conference press release Word 42 KB)

06 February 2006 - Are you using ICT effectively?  First ICT Hub conference to show you how (download ICT Hub national conference press release Word 41 KB)

31 January 2006 - ICT Hub Unmet Need Fund of £140,000 open to proposals (download unmet need fund press release Word 39 KB)

09 December 2005 - ICT Hub issues tender for accessibility ‘champions’  (download accessibility champions press release Word 41 KB)

28 November 2005 - New ICT Hub Chair brings local expertise (download ICT Hub Chair press release Word 287 KB)

10 June 2005 - ICT Consortium meet with CITRA (download ICT Consortium press release Word 54 KB)

9 March 2005 - Active Communities Unit publishes Independent Person's Review of ICT Hub Processes (download ACU press release Word 82 KB)

14 October 2004 - New research highlights need for ICT Hub to encourage funders to invest in voluntary sector ICT (download new research press release Word 84 KB)

11 August 2004 - AbilityNet join voluntary sector ICT Consortium ensuring accessibility issues are incorporated with strategic plans (download AbilityNet press release Word 87 KB)

June 2004 - Voluntary Sector ICT Consortium Launch New Website (download New Website press release Word 46 KB)

8 March 2004 - New ICT Consortium to build strategic use of ICT in the voluntary and community sector with funding from national exemplar fund (download National Exemplar Fund press release Word 34 KB)

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