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March beckons and so does the end of the financial year… It feels like a slow news month this month and as we’re sure you’re knee deep in financial reporting, end of year accounts and setting your ICT budget for next year (yes, ICT budget), we have a more concise flavour to the newsletter.

A mix of contributions this month including a look at e-Campaigning – what can it really do and why should you care? A letter from one of our readers considers issues around Linux and voice recognition - part of our Open Source and Accessibility feature. This month’s case study is on the Great Web Office Experiment… can you get away with using online tools (and do you want to pay Google for the privilege)?

This month’s regional feature is from the Eastern Region and builds on the experiences of their Open Source project.

Remember, we want to hear from you too so please send us your thoughts and ideas, articles and news, to our Editor,
Thank you to all of you who contribute (via the various lists and other newsletters, website and forums which go to make up a lot of this newsletter). Your input is valued and helps to make a difference.
We hope you enjoy it!

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