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Using Imagery

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GIMP (images)

Photographs create an immediate impact and can be used to jazz up newsletters, websites, leaflets or a photo diary of the day in the life of your community centre or community project.

GIMP is an Image Manipulation Program and is free to download from the internet. GIMP is a useful tool to use with digital photos allowing you to make creative touches (image composition, changing colour to black and white, picture editing, touch ups) to your holiday snaps.

You have to download a piece of software first to enable you to install GIMP, but it is worth that extra bit of effort especially as it’s FREE!

Further information:


Flickr is a way of sharing images and a basic membership is free.   If you already have a Yahoo account then you can use that to sign up.

Flickr allows you to create an online photo album but there are a number of other ways to use this tool especially as a means of creative communication.

You can use Flickr to:

  • Organise your own web page online into private, public or interest groups
  • Send images to the Flickr by email, mobile phone
  • Photos can be uploaded into blogs (online diaries) and linked to other websites
  • Show your photos to the world by sending them and uploading them yourself on the Flickr webpage
  • Comments can be left about your photograph or the subject matter of your photograph

Photos are grouped together, but can be tagged for ease of finding. Every group has a pool for photos and a discussion board for talking.   It is worth having a look and flicking through

If you need help and advice with using multimedia or want to know more about it contact the ICT Hub helpdesk 0800 652 4737