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It’s February already – how are you doing with your ICT New Year’s Resolutions? Is your ICT budget ready for the end of the financial year? Is your ICT strategy making a difference?

This month we have a feature for small community organisations but there’s plenty in there for everyone. Our new media feature has a party feel and we’ve an example of social media in action with a report from the Circuit Riders conference.

Alongside some updates and developments in open source, we’ve all the usual news, ideas and provocative suggestions for doing things better and doing better things with ICT.

The National ICT Hub Conference will be on Wed 28th March in North London. An excellent opportunity for anyone with an interest in ICT to come along, learn new skills, find out more about what the Hub has to offer and to meet people in the same position. It’s an ideal networking opportunity and you don’t want to miss it. More details later on in the issue.

There’s lots of ICT volunteering seminars around the country in the next couple of months. If our recent feature inspired you, or you just want to find out how you could use (or get more out of) an IT volunteer, these are the events for you. Full details in the events section.

Remember, we want to hear from you too so please send us your thoughts and ideas, articles and news, to our Editor,

Thank you to all of you who contribute (via the various lists and other newsletters, website and forums which go to make up a lot of this newsletter). Your input is valued and helps to make a difference.

We hope you enjoy it!

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