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January Newsletter

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Happy New Year and we hope 2007 is a prosperous and fruitful year for you and your organisation.

This month’s issue is a little later than usual owing to the Christmas and New Year break but never fear, it’s jam packed with news, ideas and provocative suggestions for doing things better and doing better things with ICT.

So how’s that ICT strategy coming along? You didn’t think we were going to let you get away without a reminder did you? For those of you who haven’t been reading the last few issues, you can find the articles on Planning an ICT Strategy here .

The national ICT Hub Conference will be on Wed 28th March in North London. An excellent opportunity for anyone with an interest in ICT to come along, learn new skills, find out more about what the Hub has to offer and to meet people in the same position. It’s an ideal networking opportunity and you don’t want to miss it. More details later on in the issue.

A cornucopia of features this month starting with Where Do I Go For Help? Got a problem and are feeling a bit stuck? Well, we’ve got the answer. Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Well don’t be and if the article doesn’t answer your question, get in touch and we will.

And last but not least, please, please, please… read ICT Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions. Short and punchy ideas to bring your ICT to life this year. It is big, it is clever and it does make a difference. Whether you love ICT or hate it, this is a good starting point for thinking about the next 12 months.

Remember, we want to hear from you too so please send us your thoughts and ideas, articles and news, to our Editor,

We hope you enjoy it!

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